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 Tips for Car parking..

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Tips for Car parking.. Empty
PostSubject: Tips for Car parking..   Tips for Car parking.. Icon_minitimeFri Jan 27, 2012 2:00 pm

Car parking is one of the major problems facing while travelling with family. The main car parking tips are:
• Use your car mirror to look behind even in the parking lot. Interior parking areas have a limited space and so it is essential to use the mirror in order to adjust the limited space.
• Don’t park your car in between the parked lines. This will use the parking space of two cars. So make sure that you park the car in line with the car in front or back of your car.
• Leave some space between your car and the car parked both in front and back of your car while parking. This will help the parked cars drivers to move out their car with ease and without hitting yours.
• Once the front of your car starts clearing the rear bumper of that car, you should slowly start turning your steering wheel the opposite way to swing the front end of the car in.
• Always try to put the car in reverse.
• If your car has a manual transmission, then make sure that you leave your car in gear when parked on a hilly or sloppy surface and in neutral when parked in any interior space. A neutral gear will help other car drivers to slightly shift your car to easily drive out their cars.
Many of the real estate builders are facing parking space problem. Most of the flats and apartments have enough parking space but we have to utilize it properly
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Tips for Car parking..
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