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Before the discovery of the telephone, air conditioning and television and heirs: cell phones, smart wiring and the Internet when a person would walk to where they wanted to go, porches give a place for leisure and entertaining much different than today. Aside from a school dance or church social, porches were institutions for community togetherness. Now you can see these porches in house in Cochin. However, with the post-World War II rise of soda shops, backyard barbecues and widespread media came the refuse of porch parties, as they were known.
In the past few years, people have back to spending more of their relaxation time at home with their family and friends, taking their once personal backyard functions around to the front, reconnecting with their community and re-establishing that neighborly conduct they witnessed or heard about as a child. Of course, some communities will be a witness to never losing this friendship, because they exist in mostly rural areas or are derived from a population whose families have spent generations in one neighborhood.
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Outdoor Living
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